Using Diagnostic Reports to Inform BIPs

Using Diagnostic Reports to Inform Your BIP

with Dr. Natalie Roth

It is increasingly important that ABA Assessments are able to clearly articulate medical necessity when proposing a treatment plan. Medical necessity should be grounded in an understanding of the unique symptom presentation that underlies a patient’s Autism Spectrum Diagnosis. The objective of this webinar is to provide an understanding of how to read, understand, and use a diagnostic report to inform the development of a behavioral intervention plan. Topics covered will include:

  • A review of DSM-V Autistic Spectrum Disorder criteria
  • Overview of the framework and key features of a diagnostic report
  • How BCBA’s can use information about cognitive, behavior, developmental, and mental health status to guide decisions about goal creation and teaching techniques.
  • How psychologists can frame the implications of their assessment findings to best support BCBAs in making treatment decisions

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