BHCOE Prelim Accreditation Checklist

BHCOE Telehealth Standards Checklist

The standards for telehealth accreditation includes guidance for areas of review for accreditation applicants. All accreditation activities involve narrative, written description and explanation of policies and procedures, documentation, documentation of usage and demonstration.

Topic Explanation
A. Organizational Compliance The organization must describe the operational compliance policies and procedures in place to comply with state, local and federal regulation.
B. Human Resources The organization must describe the core mechanisms used to determine appropriate staff training, qualifications and oversight of individuals providing telehealth services.
C. Patient Intake The organization must describe relevant information collected, appropriate consent obtained, and clear guidelines for patient selection appropriateness.
D. Clinical Practice The organization must describe telehealth clinical service lines available to patients and procedures to ensure documentation of progress and patient outcome. Organization must also ensure that clinical protocols are followed and align with evidence-based practices.
E. Technology, Privacy & Security The organization must describe their practices to ensure appropriate technology usage, and precautions taken to ensure the privacy and security of their patients.

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