ABA Outcomes Framework Part II

October 28, 2021 @ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern


Transparency and accountability around patient outcomes requires that practitioners take a uniform approach to assessing treatment outcomes. Reporting on quality outcomes is rapidly becoming the norm and expected by healthcare patients worldwide. For behavior analysts, this increased attention on treatment outcomes calls for practitioners to demonstrate that their treatments work and to become more accountable for the costs of treatment. A previous webinar by Dr. Ellie Kazemi focused on a systematic approach to selecting instruments to assess and plan treatment for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). But, it’s one thing to conduct assessments, and another thing entirely to do something with the resulting data. In this webinar, Dr. Cox highlights considerations and planning activities that practitioners should be aware of so that they can efficiently store, manage, analyze, and communicate patient outcomes to relevant stakeholders. To get the most out of this webinar, it is recommended audience members have view two previous webinars put forth by BHCOE:

1. Beyond the Client Binder, by Dr. Cox
2. An Overview of the BHCOE ABA Outcomes Framework™, by Dr. Kazemi

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About the Presenter

Dr. David Cox

Dr. David Cox, Chief Data Officer, BHCOE

Dr. Cox has worked in behavior analysis since 2006 and with populations spanning ASD, intellectual disabilities, schizophrenia, and individuals seeking to change pro-health behavior (e.g., diet, physical activity, substance use). He has a MS in Bioethics, a PhD in Behavior Analysis, and post-doctoral training in behavioral pharmacology, behavioral economics, and data science. Dr. Cox’s work focuses broadly on behavioral data science – combining big data analytics and artificial intelligence with behavior analysis to describe, predict, and control health-related decision-making.

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