Employment Opportunities

If you’re interested in joining the BHCOE team, please review the open positions and fill out the application below.

BHCOE has openings for the following positions:

  • Clinical Evaluator – Midwest (Michigan, Illinois, Indiana)
  • Clinical Evaluator – Southeast (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee)
  • Clinical Evaluator – East Coast (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, D.C.)

Clinical Evaluator Job Description & Requirements

The Clinical Evaluator position is responsible for the assessment and ongoing evaluation of Applied Behavior Analysis programs for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. The Clinical Evaluator also provides direction and peer review to Licensed and/or Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Senior Leadership at organizations as it relates to administrative and clinical components of the evaluation. Become part of the BHCOE Accreditation team and standardization of Applied Behavior Analysis programs across the country!

The role and responsibilities of a Clinical Evaluator are multi-faceted. The following is a general overview of this position:

  • Conduct accreditation-related evaluations with ABA Organizations across the United States.
  • Liaison with the Compliance Officer and/or Disciplinary Review Committee regarding ethical or disciplinary matters.
  • Conduct IOA and Peer Review for other BHCOE Clinical Evaluators.
  • Contributes to resources, tools, and guidelines to promote continuity of evaluation practices across regions.
  • Contribute to the promotion of standardization of quality Applied Behavior Analysis.

These qualities make an ideal candidate for the BHCOE Auditor Position:

  • The Clinical Evaluator must hold a Board Certified Behavior Analyst credential for at least 5 years.
  • The Clinical Evaluator must have experience holding a supervisory/leadership position at a behavioral organization.
  • The Clinical Evaluator must be objective, professional, and use their best clinical judgment at all times.
  • The Clinical Evaluator must keep all details about any organization in the strictest of confidence.
  • The Clinical Evaluator should be willing to travel regularly as part of their weekly job responsibilities.
  • The Clinical Evaluator should have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well as a team member.

Salary, Benefits, & Opportunities

  • 12 paid holidays
  • 17 days of Paid Time Off
  • Full-time, salaried position
  • Expanded employee benefits choices with up to 16 different medical offerings from Blue Shield, Kaiser, and Aetna (outside of CA), 9 dental plans, and 4 vision plans
  • A variety of ancillary benefit options including:
    • Disability insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • FSAs
    • HSAs

Culture & Work Environment:

  • BHCOE offers a unique professional growth opportunity. Employees who thrive at BHCOE are excited by the opportunity to learn, grow, be challenged and contribute to the exponential growth of the organization.
  • BHCOE offers the opportunity to learn from key innovators in our field by participating in activities related to the BHCOE Disciplinary Review Committee, BHCOE Standards Committee, and/or BHCOE Board activities.
  • BHCOE allows clinicians excited about creating meaningful change within the behavior analytic community to make a lasting footprint on the way behavior therapy is delivered nationally.
  • BHCOE presents a unique opportunity to travel around the country, or internationally as needed. Employees who travel enjoy the benefits of hotel and airline miles to use for personal use, as well as the ability to extend work travel into the weekend when desired.
  • BHCOE empowers employees to choose how their job is executed. This includes the flexibility to work from home as desired and choose working hours that allow productivity at work while building a flow that fits with your family, friends, and favorite activities.


Application for BHCOE Evaluator Position

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