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We are a team of professionals that have dedicated our lives to bettering the lives of families of children with special needs. We specialize in autism, though we are skilled at treating all children that have behavioral issues or deficits in the area of socialization, language and play.

We are “out of the box” thinkers when it comes to our treatment approach. We believe in listening to each family’s unique set of needs, and creating a plan that treats everyone in the family, all while meeting each person where they are at in their journey.

We are driven to provide only the best for our families! It is our sincere pleasure and honor to serve all of the children and families that walk through our door. Additionally, there are two elements that make our clinic unique.

First, we place a large emphasis on parent training and involvement. A true measure of the effectiveness of therapy is the child’s ability to use newly acquired skills in the “real world”. When parents are involved, we increase the likelihood that what is taught in the clinic will carry over to the natural environment.

Second, we place a large emphasis on stress management, but not just for parents! In addition to providing opportunities for our families to learn how to reclaim the joy in their lives and manage their stress, we also teach the children to manage stress. We may use yoga, deep breathing, or behavioral relaxation training to help our children regulate their emotions. These proactive strategies help us circumvent behaviors before they even occur.

We also teach our staff to care for themselves using similar techniques! Research tells us that when caregivers of people with special needs can live in a mindful fashion, the people for whom they care also have a change in behavior for the better! We take care of our staff, so in turn they can take better care of your children. Our extensive training, stress management systems, and family atmosphere have led to happy staff and low turn-over rates. Staff retention is important to us, as it ensures that the children receive the highest level of care possible.

  • BHCOE Accredited Since : 2018
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