Legislative Efforts & Advocacy Recap: June 2021

Anna Bullard, VP Government Relations is on the front lines advocating to improve families’ access to quality behavioral health services. Read below to learn about the recent activity that Anna is taking part in across the U.S.

North Carolina

BHCOE celebrates with North Carolina families and providers on the passage of Senate Bill 103 which creates a licensure for behavior analyst to practice independently in North Carolina. The date for the licensure to take effect is not yet set as the licensure board must be formed. BHCOE will continue to monitor this important legislation and provide updates.

Licensure Delays

There are many states where providers are experiencing lengthy delays in obtaining state licensure for behavior analysts. BHCOE is actively advocating in Arizona, Tennessee, and Maryland and continues to collaborate with our accredited providers and organizations like National Coalition for Access to Autism Services (NCAAS) to ensure individuals with autism can access medically necessary treatment in a timely manner. If you are experiencing issues within these states or other states related to state licensure delays, please reach out to our Government Relations department at anna@bhcoe.org.


In Maryland, House Bill 598 and Senate Bill 469 both passed and remove the parent participation requirement for those covered by Medicaid to have a parent or caregiver present in order to receive ABA. While parent and care giver participation are important, the requirement previously in place created equity issues forcing families to choose between their child accessing critical treatment and being able to provide for their family. We are excited for families whose children can now access applied behavior analysis equal to peers who have commercial insurance. Family and Caregiver participation is vital but requirements that are imposed more than other medical benefits are mental health parity violations and should be addressed with the funder to ensure the patient can access medically necessary treatment.


Many of our families and accredited providers have been patiently waiting for the Texas legislator to pass a budget that would include funding for applied behavior analysis. The
Budget Conferees have officially adopted the Senate Budget with $111,888,394.00 for the biennium. The benefit is to be implemented no later than February 1, 2022. BHCOE will continue to advocate for adequate rates that create both quality and access for children with Medicaid in Texas.


If any BHCOE accredited providers or affiliate organizations have important updates on legislation or policy changes in your states, please email policy@bhcoe.org.

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