Behavioral Health Therapies Earns BHCOE Telehealth Accreditation

Behavioral Health Therapies Earns BHCOE Telehealth Accreditation
Receiving National Recognition for Commitment to Quality Improvement

Tarpon Springs, FL – BHCOE Accreditation has recognized Behavioral Health Therapies with a Telehealth accreditation, acknowledging the organization as a behavioral service provider dedicated to continuous improvement in applied behavior analysis. BHCOE Telehealth Accreditation recognizes behavioral health organizations that excel in the areas of clinical quality, staff qualifications and consumer satisfaction and promote systems that enhance these areas. These areas are measured with a wide-ranging audit, including a full review of organizational compliance, human resources requirements, patient intake, clinical practice and technology, and privacy and security.

BHCOE Telehealth Accreditation is the only applied behavior analysis (ABA)-specific accreditation for telehealth services, consisting of an interview, document review and systems analysis. It provides feedback regarding clinical best practices, staff satisfaction and turnover, and consumer protection. Acting as a third-party, the organization systematically measures and reports on existing quality criteria in the behavior analysis community using standardized methods and practices, and accredits only those service agencies that meet these standards.

“Behavioral Health Therapies is dedicated to improving the health and the quality of life for individuals of all ages and providing comprehensive wraparound behavioral services for both clients and their families,” said owner Mary M. Fuller. “BHCOE Telehealth Accreditation reflects our commitment to all ethical practices based on professional standards. The standard by which we measure our success is the ability of our clients to live healthful lives within their communities.”

About BHCOE Accreditation

BHCOE Accreditation is a trusted source that recognizes behavioral health organizations committed to continuous quality improvement. BHCOE offers a third-party measurement system that differentiates and provides independent feedback on clinical quality indicators. The BHCOE criterion features standards that subject-matter experts developed to measure effective applied behavior analysis services. For more information, visit

About Behavioral Health Therapies

At Behavioral Health Therapies, our analysts have a broad range of education and experience in all aspects of special populations and they are highly trained in the field of behavior analysis.   We provide a wide range of Applied Behavior Analysis services and support for persons with behavioral and/or learning difficulties. The comprehensive approach we offer to those with problematic behavior incorporates elements of Applied Behavior Analysis, Education, Psychology, and Mental Health Counseling. This unique blend of disciplines reflects our broad backgrounds, multiple licenses, and certifications coupled with our extensive experience. Services are provided in the home, clinic, school, and community.  For more information, visit


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